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Meet Joe Gomez. He’s got high school on lock – good grades, a cool band, and girls digging his vibe. But just when he’s got the world figured out, he goes and turns into a saber-toothed tiger. A shape-shifting nature spirit known as a Chimera, to be specific. Now Joe needs every single one of his new powers to help save the human race – whether he wants to or not.
—Introduction to Urban Animal on Webtoon Originals

It's official now. John Amor announced on Facebook on December 2, 2022 that the fifth season of Urban Animal is going to be its final season. There have been no announcements about whether there will be any follow-on or spin-off comics in the future.

Urban Animal is the creation of Justin Jordan and John Amor, with lettering by Micah Myers and editing by Ethan LeBlanc or Tyler Beckett. Dave Tran assisted with coloring for several of the episodes during the first two seasons.

Justin Jordan writes the scripts for Urban Animal. Justin broke into comics with the Image series The Strange Talent of Luther Strode. Since then he has gone on to work for nearly every major comics publisher. He is currently writing Curse of Brimstone and Sideways at DC.

John Amor brings those scripts to life with his artwork, using mostly Manga Studio with PhotoShop as needed. John's a podcaster, streamer, and Eisner-nominated artist with works published by Image Comics, IDW and DC's former webcomic platform Zuda Comics.

As of 01/15/2023, Urban Animal on Webtoons Originals has 528,250 subscribers (up by just under 7700 since 10/10) and has been viewed 34.3 million times. It currently has a viewer rating of 9.69 out of 10. (update)

Best Known Characters
Joseph Gomez
Sean Wallace
Paulo Garza
Phoebe Rose Masters
For a more complete gallery go to the Characters page
Urban Animal Merchandise
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Urban Animal: Volume One
Publisher Rocketship Entertainment has released Urban Animal:Volume One, with Simon & Schuster providing distribution of the graphic novel, available now in trade paperback and hardcover editions. Justin Jordan is listed as the author and John Amor as the illustrator, with Micah Myers receiving credit on the cover. The novel covers all 27 episodes plus the Q&A from Season One of the webcomic, and it runs 140 pages long.
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